As a young child I never ever wondered what happened to a shit once I flushed the toilet. After about the age of 8 I never had to wonder either after visiting Abbey Pumping museum. Every museum has a flagship exhibit. New Walk Museum has a massive dinosaur; the Space Centre has a massive rocket; Abbey Pumping Museum has mounted a cross-section of a toilet and it’s attached sewage piping system.

I have honestly spent more time running up and down living the joys of feeding the plastic turd into the sewage system and following it across in all my visits than I have taking in the tepid wonders of the stupidly large rocket at the overpriced Leicester Space Centre.

To get to Abbey Pumping Museum, follow the signs to Leicester Space Centre and don’t turn into their car-park, go straight on, then save your £14 and flush a synthetic shit down the toilet. Joy.

Location: Corporation Road, Beaumont Leys