So, in response to the tweet below, we now have a review for Angel Gateway:

I think that a lot could be said about Angel Gateway, it connects Cheapside (Leicester Market) to Gallowtree Gate. And is one of 3 shortcuts from the main bits of each road. This is nice. Especially if one would like to rush from buying a £1 bowl of bananas and not have to fret about going round to Gallowtree Gate to take in the rhetorics of the bible preachings on a Saturday. Listening to that is glycogen-heavy work and them bananas are needed quick sometimes. I like to also eat bananas whilst drinking slightly orangey water out of a large water bottle. Makes me feel like a Wimbledon star.

I’ve talked enough rubbish. Here’s a picture of Angel Gateway to really bring meaningful analysis to this review.

Angel Gateway. There’s a song about it dontyaknow.

Leicester, it’s not shit, honest…