Bradgate Park, it’s already been reviewed by the other half of the leicesteritsnotshit team. But I’m posting again anyway because I like it too and wanted to shout about the more active things that can be done there as opposed to the romantic walks and jointly appreciating nature and stuff. This is more of a family oriented post about things to do. Not that I’ve been with my family, just me and some childish friends. So here goes… Non romantic, active things to do in popular bullet pointed list format:

  • Run around the hollowed out trees. There are some pretty big hollowed out trees at Bradgate Park which are still living despite having no wood inside… A quizzically gifted friend told me that they can still live because the nutrients travel through the bark instead of up the middle. And they said that the trees were hollowed by termites eating the wood inside. I trust his knowledge, though not his sense of direction, he got us really lost in a Oadby once, but that’s another story and not relevant here.
  • Build a dam in the streams. There’s loads and loads of loose rocks in the steam near the main car park entrance of Bradgate Park. Armed (or legged) with some willies or old trainers on a warm day, building dams and wading about through the stream is wicked fun and you can build dams and then stand on top and feel like you’re some sort of king. King of the Damned (yes it’s a shit pun, but I’m going with it, get on board).
  • Catch grasshoppers/crickets. I don’t know whether grasshoppers and crickets are the same thing or if they’re different. Feel free to enlighten the team. Either way, it’s good craic doing a bit of rambling around and catching crickets. This really only works on a sunny summer day during months when the hoppy insect population number is at a annual cyclical high point. The best place to go is anywhere where there are lots of ferns around.
  • Ice cream. Ice cream vans situate themselves in the car parks in summer and during school holidays. Self explanatory!

Location: Bradgate Park, North Leicester