Once upon a time, I went on a first date to Bradgate Park. We brought each other balloons, walked up the hill to what we called the giant penis, it’s barely phallic in shape but it seemed funny at the time, sipped flasky tasting tea (from a flask, shock) and ate sweets. Then we had lunch in a pub. It was great. At a later point, everything turned to shit, but let’s not blame Bradgate Park for that. Everyone should go on dates to Bradgate Park!

This was in January, so it doesn’t matter what season it is, although I recommend you go when it’s dry. You can see all of Leicester from the top, and that might not sound very impressive but it is, quite. There are plenty of places to sit down and enjoy the views, and you can wander around for ages. All in all, a nice place to escape the city, and not far at all.