So after a sort of hiatus for several months where barely anything has been written, we crawl out of the festival season with fresh vigour to head into the colder of the temperate seasons. New places, new energy and enough profanity to fill a swear jar worthy of a current day Wednesday national lottery jackpot. Somehow we have more time to write from October-ish to April. So maybe Leicester it’s not shit is just a seasonal thing. We shall see.

Kicking off with Cafe La Blanche. This is down a side street in Highfields and is a buzzing inner city cafe. They serve coffee and patisserie; the latter of which is done in the most ambiguous manner ever. They all taste fucking lovely, but the baristas don’t know what any of them are specifically. They’ll entertain queries about cakes with the response, “It’s beautiful, try” in a half Arab and half french accent (on account of being an Algerian place).

What I personally like about Cafe La Blanche is their pricing structure (£2.35 for a coffee and cake) and their support for Riyadh Mahrez (LCFC football player). Parking is obviously free down Evington Road and entertaining with the atypical frivolous regard for road rules. Brill.

Location: Chepstow Road, off Evington Road, Highfields /Evington