We’ve only gone and added a review of a street… which is bizarre. But we don’t play by the rules on this website. We do whatever the frikk we want (by which I mean, we use expletives generously and not do much else like a maverick).

The Highcross and City Centre are rammed on Saturdays and also in the build up to Christmas. I used to do my xmas shopping and then walk down Castle View before a sit in the park with my Cafe Roma Cappuccino because I’m the cosmopolitan dream.

Castle View is just a street adjacent to Newarke Houses museum, but it’s cobbled, lovely and like something out a film. It’s romantic too if you want to ‘stumble upon’ the street serendipitously and remark on how life was better with cobbled streets and all that lark (it wasn’t, it’s pretty but anyone who’s been to Durham or Amsterdam will tell you the cobbled nonsense starts to get annoying after 3 photographs of the ‘odd’ streets and 2 miles of wear felt from only 300 yards of walking).

Any road, or any street as it were, Castle View = pretty and nice. Go. Its free.

Location: Castle View, City Centre