Ever woken up on a Sunday and thought to yourself “Where can I get a decent fry up in the city centre?”
Yes? No? Well, last weekend, that’s exactly what I thought. But then I remembered: Crustys.

Crustys is one of those places that you’ve probably walked past a number of times, but not given it a second glance.
Despite this, it seems to be packed with Leicester locals over the age of 50 on weekday lunchtimes, feasting on a range of dishes from omelettes and fry ups to classics such as lamb stew and dumplings.

With its lace curtains, plastic sauce bottles and booth tables, it screams “classic British Cafe”, without trying too hard.

So, if you find yourself bleary eyed, hungry and needing somewhere to refresh, stumble into Crustys. You won’t regret it.
Most meals cost around £5 or less, with tea and coffee being an extra couple of pounds.

Location: Cank Street, opposite the Silver Arcade.