Here are 5 shows we’ve picked out to go see (in no particular order)

Sexy, weird and too bloody tall musical comedy (2000, Thursday 19th Embrace Arts)
Hosted by Leicester Cultural giant, David Parkin, this will be fun. And nice and fuzzy and silly and rude. And definitely more fun. Can’t wait!

James Acaster: Recognise (1945, Friday 13th, The Cookie)
Seen this before! It’s a masterpiece of ridiculousness. But not the sort of “it’s zany” which translates to meaning it’s weird but it’s a bit crap. It’s actually really bloody clever and hilarious.

Liam Williams: Capitalism (1815, Thursday 5th, JTT @ Hansom Hall)
Not many folks have heard of Liam Williams but he made a real name for himself as part of the free fringe in Edinburgh and performed to packed rooms every day. Queues were well over 90 minutes to get in last summer and it was a well polished and unexpected show from someone you’d think had been doing comedy a lot longer.

Speed Dating with Nicholas Holt (1900, Saturday 14th, St Martins Coffee)
We’re suckers for awkwardness and speed dating. Oh dear.

Hotel D’Comedie (2100, Thursday 5th-Friday 6th, Maiyango)
This is another local production which we are looking forward to. Hotel D’Comedie has been going for a couple years at least now and is a weird night where comics occupy different rooms and set up interactive comedy experiences for the audience. Now I just need to swap my Friday tickets for Thursday ones somehow and still be able to make it…

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