So, unfortunately you’ll have to wait a year (ish) for this to roll around again but get excited:
Everyone loves free things.

This display is pretty good, and there’s lots of fire spelling out ‘Happy Diwali!’ And music and many many many people (you could meet ‘the one’) and lots of lovely lights. Which you would probably expect seeing as it is the festival of.

I had a nice samosa, and then walked around Belgrave road feeling wild because the road is closed and that means you’re the boss of the tarmac, rather than the cars… You and thousands and thousands of other people. The atmosphere is friendly, the streets smell of tasty, tasty food and I’ll say it again – free fireworks! Woo! There’s also a little stage with dancers and performers… But I couldn’t really see so I wont go too much into that. Free fireworks! Woo!

Location: Around Belgrave Road and Cossington Recreation Ground