This is possibly an obvious one, but it’s been short of visitors in recent years so I thought I’d post it up. Plus I’ve been twice recently. I stumbled (and danced) around the place when drunk during the Autumn Ceilidh (see previous posts) and stumbled around nervous on a date a couple weeks ago too. The date went really well, but then I got totally rejected, but don’t let that fuck up your judgement on your own wishes to stumble about the place. We had a great time still. It was probably rejection more on personality or on account of being weirded out by my head leaking out over every social interface set up with said person. But less on my compulsive mobile iDevice messaging, more on the guildhall.

I don’t have any historical information except I know it’s several hundred years old and it looks it. It’s a beautifully preserved building. The fact they have folk music events and other fun things happening there is great because of the stark and complete juxtaposition of the events to the medieval surroundings (correct me if I’ve got the wrong history entirely, I suck at history stuff). It’s worth a visit in the context of a non-event as well as an event.

Wonderful place. Have a stumble.

Location: City Centre