In very 21st century fashion, we are live (drunk) blogging from the festival. Here are the top five hipster phrases to make sure you get overheard saying when watching bands at Handmade Festival:

  • “I really only liked their earlier work…”
  • “Have you heard/seen their side project…”
  • “They’re actually not that good live…”
  • “The backing vocals would fit better in a more intimate setting.”
  • “I saw these guys before they had that new bassist in a pop up cellar gig last summer in… He’s sort of tarnished their stage presence.”

So, yes. Handmade Festival. It’s all very hip and happening. It’s all very good too. These hip and happening hipster popular places have a tendency to be full of excellent music, have very good falafel halloumi wraps or seem to make fucking outstanding flat whites. Damn these fashionably brilliant places*.

Location: O2 Academy, this weekend. Or first weekend in May.

(Yes, we’re overly hipster and hypocrites. Meh, what are you gonna do)

* – there’s no falafel here… We speak of the excellent taste of hipsters in gourmet food in general. 😉