Inspired by the munificent, magnificent and moronic Leicester Council, directly in front of Hotel Maiyango there are currently some road works in progress. I have NEVER EVER seen a man/woman/machine working on/in/anywherenear them. I digress.

If you enjoy damn good food, chugging back dark rum, and the other finer things in life, I would imagine that you (like I) will enjoy Hotel Maiyango. If you don’t associate yourself with this category of civilisation, you will also enjoy Hotel Maiyango. The menu is suitably complicated/idiotic for those of you who enjoy remarking: ‘Darling, I don’t know whether to go for the Israeli cous cous or the cumin and chickpea veloute’; yet the food does not necessarily (thank goodness) reflect the grandiose nature of the menu, and actually is more akin to hearty homefood, albeit with smaller portions and some necessary flim-flammery (a technical phrase) from the kitchen. Otherwise, you’d just eat at home!

There are many choices in the evening; the two most important being: a tasting menu of nine courses for £45 (a VEGAN!!!!!! six course option is available), or £35 for three courses. The astute mathematicians amongst you will have noticed there is a rather good discount for going the whole hog and having nine courses, though I am assured they are smaller plates, and not actually triple the amount of the three courses.

I had three courses. My starter of scallops with crispy lambs tongue (stop sniggering at the back) was pretty good.  My main of pork trotter, belly and and shoulder was better; a real celebration of all the animal, a suitable end one to what I imagine was a fairly laid back piggy (it was unbelievably tender, must have been a happy pig). The pudding however was the best. I’m a sucker for citrus fruits, and the citrus assiette was super. Assiette, for those of you who couldn’t care less, means plate in French. You can see my gripe with the menu. Alas, on this plate of citrus desserts was some orange jelly, some lime stuff, a lemon tart and a supersonically good mandarin creme brulee.  It was so good I would have paid £35 for another one. Fortunately I managed to regain my senses.

Conclusion – go to Hotel Maiyango and eat, preferably with someone, perhaps a date as the mood lighting inside is pretty dark, one could almost say sensual. Though take a hard hat just in case you fall into the road works on your way out.