Despite being right next to the Highcross, this place is pretty hidden in many respects but it’s brilliant! I only discovered it recently when I went along with my ma and pa and was thoroughly impressed.

It’s open day times until 4 and then 9 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday… In the days I’m told it’s fairly busy, but I went on an evening and was filled with sorrow, after experiencing the food, that it was basically empty. So let’s see if confirming that it’s definitely not shit helps any!

I had a starter, main and a dessert. It has a Mediterranean feel with pasta, meats and seafoods. Everything I had was seriously delicious but I’m choosing to rave about my main – mussels. Forget Cafe Rouge, this beats it hands down for mussels. SERIOUSLY.They were… (Feminine wording warning)… DIVINE! White wine and garlic and bread, brilliant. The lady who owns the place was serving us and she had a bit of a chat and I love her because she have me extra bread to soak up my sauce with.

It was good value, a lot of choice, and all three of us definitely enjoyed our meals. Please, please, please go so next time I frequent this establishment it’s busier and I wave goodbye to sorrow.

Location: East Bond Street