I said I was going to review my (as it’s bloody freezing, two pairs of) socks off last night but instead I ended up going out to eat. All in the name of research, of course. And, as always, ok, as sometimes in Leicester, it was a jolly good meal!
Jones’ has always been brilliant in my not-so-humble opinion. Breakfasts, lunches and dinner: all wonderful. But don’t worry, I’m not going to (sc)ramble on about eggs again…

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I had… A bacon and blue cheese burger! ‘What?!’ I hear you already-Jones’ lovers cry, ‘You didn’t go for two for twelve quid pasta?! But that is what Jones’ is for!’ No, not any more. Yes, the pasta is tasty, good value and… just really, really tasty. So you should still get that sometimes. But this burger. Oh my, incredible! It was one of those towering things that is intimidating in its tallness. But it was a tall-load of terrific! Go. Buy. Eight pounds. I was STUFFED FULL with food and joy.

I also have to mention the incredible service. I spotted the photo of said burger on Facebook, hence why I went this evening. I see food and (want to) eat it. And I booked a table, mentioning I wanted to burger it up, and the lovely lady I spoke to said it was likely they would sell out by the time I had booked for and should she save two for me? HELL YES. I shall tell thee now, you don’t get that at Handmade Burger. It’s maybe less likely they’d run out, but fuck it, this burger I had tonight was twice the size, twice the taste and twice the shit. As in, it was the shit. In a good way. Is that what the kids say these days?

Location: Queens Road