I have been loads and have had a season ticket in the past when getting a seat in K block didn’t cost more money than I can currently afford in a year. So yeh, it’s definitely fine for me to review Leicester City.

My partner in writing has already disagreed with the idea of football. But here is the set of mirrored responses to that post (the following makes more sense if you read that alongside/first):

  • Not all results have confusing and irrelevant bonus points given for obscure score permutations. Yes, sometimes the football away at Nottingham is awful. But that’s Forest’s fault. And at that match my co-contributor and I attended we still had 6000 fans who shouted their lungs out and we got the replay and Beckford scored a hat-trick. Win.
  • People stand up in the blocks near the away fans and high up in the Kop. We also have Jobber hitting the fuck out of a massive drum and it makes the whole stand jump like mental.
  • We don’t have to sit next to smelly away fans or strange people from different shitter cities.
  • Leicester City are a decent team (2nd in the Championship at time of writing) and have won the League Cup a few times. No need for me to expand on this point.
  • Falling over (rucks) isn’t some sort of strangely constructed slow and arduous part of the game. It happens because it’s fast paced and the Championship is full of high octane battles on pitch.
  • My friend’s little brother used to play for Leicester City.
  • I own Leicester City shirts. I don’t earn any Tigers shirts, they don’t fit me… too warm/stuffy etc.
  • I prefer blue to green. Sometimes.
  • It’s not cheaper than Rugby but the games are longer so you arguably can’t compare costs.

Henceforth, football wins the debate. I’m not going to use my gender to try and falsely build allies amidst the readership of the website. But know that I am balanced in any sort of views because despite being male, I wear unisex deodorant.