It’s in February and it brings some good comedy to Leicester. A large number of venues across the city pack out their programmes with a good mixture of comedy priced across the entire range. The festival has discovered a few now everyday names with it’s yearly comedy award. The website below will tell you who those are probably. I just know it’s one of the best things happening in the Leicester calendar and there’s a bunch of free things which are always worth supporting. Set yourself a budget for the festival across the month (about £60 or so is reasonable after the xmas pinch) and grab a programme and plan to go to lots – it’ll chase the winter blues away and probably the mid-table mediocracy/holding onto playoff hopes by a knife edge mood that city will no doubt be in at that time of year.

Location: all over Leicester city centre

Website: – (note the original choice of web address, there’s a brainstorming meeting that my limited wit and ideation skills would have been fit for).