Firstly, I hope for obvious reasons that this review is entirely useless to most of you. Also as a ‘day out’ it’s not recommended but I didn’t know where else to put it! But I feel I want to write it because it’s something that doesn’t always get the best press and it’s something that I think we should all be more thankful and gracious about having. And also because it’s something not shit!

So, although I am a mysterious entity writing this review from the ether, ambiguous, unknown (I like to imagine) you may have realised from a couple of reviews that I have broken my foot. Just call me David Beckham (circa 2002 but he’s the only thing football I can get on board with): I’ve fractured my fifth metatarsal. This is something that really is shit. I can’t enjoy the goodness of Leicester because I can’t drive, can only hobble and hop and crutches are actually sent from the devil, and I’m temporarily back at my parents house, off work (less fun than you’d think), feeling sorry for myself and doodling a lot.

I am in a cast. Which is also shit BUT the whole experience could’ve been far worse had it not been for this unit and the fracture clinic.

Point one: the nurses were friendly. One of them gave me a fair bit of codeine which was very nice of her. She was chirpy and seemed generally concerned and good humoured and lovely. She made me laugh. The woman who x-rayed me was equally nice.

Point two: other people there were great. Quite an old guy actually pushed me to the centre and helped me up which shows how nice and caring the Leicester public is!

Point three: waiting times. A massive complaint by so many. Yes, I did wait around a bit. BUT it was definitely less than the four hour aim and I got the impression everyone was doing their utmost to keep things flowing. A lot of people seemed rushed off their feet and I just think people like that should be congratulated, and thanked, not criticised. Let’s be honest, nurses don’t earn the most and they put up with some absolute shit and really the NHS is brilliant because what are the alternatives?! And anyway… This was only at the urgent care centre where I waited which leads me on to point four….

Point four: At the fracture clinic the following Friday my appointment was at 9am. I arrived at quarter to and had a chat with a friendly ex-heroin addict. He was originally from Derby, I of course commiserated. I went into my appointment pretty much dead on 9, was plastered up in blue plastic by two young whippersnappers (one of the late was 19!) who did a great job and was out of there by 9.20!

For those of you who are interested my cast is bright blue and now decorated with snowflakes. It’s nice and narrow so it even fits under my tights and all thanks to the children (well, practically) who did it!

Just bring on 30th December when I can get out of this thing, and I can say in all honesty I can’t wait for that trip back to the royal… Ok, maybe it’s because I might be walking again after it but the service I’ve thus far received helped a great deal. Long live the NHS!