My dad goes loads and I had a season ticket when I was 14 so clearly, I’m an expert. I only get down to Welford Road about once a year now a days, if that, but I get enough blow by blow accounts when I chat to my dad on the phone so I think that it’s fine for me to review.

My partner in crime would disagree with me here, but these are the reasons going to the rugby is better than going to the football:

  • You never get 0-0 results in Rugby. Thus it’s less boring. Yes, other Leicester: It’s Not Shit writer, I’m referring to that awful football match we went to watch in Nottingham where the only good bit was when people jumped around backwards. What’s that called again?
  • You can stand up. I think this makes you less cold and also means you can move around a bit for some different angles. You can also more easily go and get a beverage.
  • The home and away fans intermix and they don’t fight. It’s more friendly poking fun. I like that.
  • Leicester Tigers are actually a decent team. They win shit. I’m not going to expand on this point.
  • The rugby players don’t fall over when someone so much as blows on them. Thus they are less pathetic than football players.
  • My landlord used to play for Tigers.
  • I own some Tigers shirts. I don’t own any football shirts, they aren’t as warm.
  • I prefer green to blue.
  • It’s cheaper.

I think that’s more than enough reasoning but I’m sure, very soon, you’ll see a post attempting to prove me wrong. The thing is, though, I’m a woman. I’m always right.

Location: Welford Road