Manhattan 34 might at first glance seem a bit pretentious and up itself what with the vintage stylings, men in horn-rimmed glasses and wooly jumpers and slightly inflated prices. But… if you like a nice beer and surroundings, you can forgive the pretentious undertones and enjoy what is a nice bar run by actually very nice people. They serve Mahou on tap as well as probably lots of other good stuff. I don’t really pay attention to the rest of it because it’s my favourite lager on tap.

Oh actually, spiced cider in winter is a winner. It’s a little pricey at over 350 pennies normally but well worth it for the beautifully mixed winter warmer. Served seasonally normally and good at the end of a long days not shopping in the corporate chains of ┬áThe Shires (it’s what Highcross used to be called).

Location: Rutland Street, City Centre