This place is cute. It has really nice breakfasts. I really love Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine (not both at the same time, that would be far too EGGStravagant) and they’re both really good here. Apart from the time when the waitress tried to give me Eggs Florentine WITHOUT hollandaise (can you imagine?) I have been very impressed. It’s not too expensive and with your breakfast you also get a cup of tea and toast. Coffee is probably an option too, but it’s the wrong one.

There are other lunchy things which I haven’t bothered with because I’m too busy getting EGGSited over the EGGSELLENT breakfasts.

There are also good cakes. Some people you might go with might imply they are too full after breakfast for cake, or it is the wrong time of day for cake, or some such nonsense. To those people I say, there is no wrong time of day for cake.

Location: The Lanes, City Centre