This is a post which will need to be a bit rushed, because Oxjam festival is this weekend and we want to get this out there before the festival on Saturday. The gist of it is that every October a crap lot of money gets raised for Oxfam by the Oxjam festival team who put on a helluva lot of stages with masses of live bands and acts on – and it’s all really fucking great music. Also, we have to champion this one because all the bands, organisers and venues are Leicester!

The festival runs all over every cultural quarter venue and bleeds into a few other good Leicester places. We will almost undoubtedly get drunk too quickly (head to the Ale Wagon for folk music) and debate whether or not the quality of local music matches the biggest acts in the world musically, but just not in marketing power etc. etc. you know, the usual sticking it to the man/putting the world to right mantras, phrases and the like. I digress.

Any road, the bottom line is, the music is unbelievably fucking amazing. There are some really bloody talented musicians out in Leicester. So it’s a wicked festival because they’re all on show. And it’s a tenner.

Location: Cultural Quarter, City Centre