This place is a strange one. So, the first time I went was on my mum’s recommendation and it was a dark and rainy night in winter. And it’s on this dark and rainy road where it looks like nothing is and you definitely think, I don’t want to be wandering around here on this dark and rainy road. But THEN you find this place and you go inside and you have been transported back to the 1970s! The carpet has seen better days…

So, they sell curries. And it’s cheap. And they taste good.  There are the usual suspects on the menu, and then there are Paddy’s Dhaba Curries where you just choose what meat and what heat (a rhyme!) and go from there. And you get naan and rice too. All for about £8 which isn’t too shabby in my opinion. I don’t think my friend enjoyed it as much but I think that was because he got a ‘hot’ curry (to be manly? Not sure) and it was probably too hot. He should’ve played it smart, like me, and got ‘medium’, but we can’t all be blessed with supreme intelligence.

The decor can only really be described as Retro. If you have seen Phoenix Nights…picture that (or google it), with added spice.

Location: Martin Street, Belgrave
Tel: 0116 2665 123