Spectacularly comfortable pub seating perhaps isn’t the biggest factor for most people’s choice of boozer, but sometimes it should be. I now entirely associate comfy chairs and drinking with the Regent Social Club. Unearthed only whilst it was a comedy festival venue last year, it could have easily been missed in my stock list of drinking venues in Leicester. It’s a little out the city centre, but a good stop off point between town and the football going there or coming back. The club licence is members only so after a couple visits you’ll need to pay the £12 annual fee to access the place again, but if you have friends visit, you can feel all la di da as you sign them in and settle into the dreamy chairs.

The portions of food are fucking massive. They have a good selection of drinks. They have some games behind the bar you can borrow and traditional past times like pub darts and sweepstakes on which red faced resident regular drinker will first make a drunken dad style comment.

Location: Regent Street