Writing this post is going to bring me a lot of joy! Saffron Acres Project is one the city’s best and my absolute favourite community initiative. They started as a small funded project in 2006 to try and renovate a few acres of land at Copinger Road Allotments near Aylestone Recreation Ground. The piece of land was abused, unused and plain ‘orrible. Local volunteers and the project turned it round and now it’s an absolute gem of a place. The site now has beautiful orchards to discover, an awesome range of grown produce, some sort of eco-house build happening, a maize maze and just fun areas to explore. They do a shit lot of good in the community and in the world in general and they are fantastic people. Why post here? Because our readers can support them in various ways… by eating some jam/chutney they’re selling for a limited time at Co-op stores. Readers could also donate to the project with time (volunteering) or offering services or support in other ways. Sarah, the site manager, speaks a bit about how to get involved on the video here.

I’m fairly sure Saffron Acres have site access for a weekly mothers and babies group which is all very wholesome and nature-y. If you’re a company, get in touch and get a group down there to do some manual work. If you can help them with other services or have equipment/machinery they may also be interested. Ooh, they do school visits and those I have heard are really really great.

To finish off this post I’m going to upload a picture of some Saffron Acres jam we at Leicesteritsnotshit enjoyed with some clotted cream and scones. Follow Saff Acres on twitter here. Get involved. Donate. Shout about them. They are one massive reason why Leicester is bloody brilliant.

Location: Copinger Road Allotments, The Saff