Skandals comes in as a brave entry for a pub because of the slightly side of Joe Public groups of punters. And it’s also an entry partly there through association with what’s looking like a link up with the not at all big, currently popular or famous Trojan Horse Shit DJs. They were spinning some vinyl at Skandals in early January for a friends birthday piss up and have been invited back to host some more clumsily mixed (read not at all mixed) sets of fucking brilliant tunes. It’ll make a nice change to be in Leicester centre on a Friday with a well curated sequence of dub, reggae and ska tunes. All span on nostalgic and slightly smug vinyl.

Their next night at Skandals is February 14th. Expect a scantily packed small pub space with some awesome tracks. Get involved with some Red Stripe cans and a Jamaican fried bean pasty from behind the bar for a Brixton feeling night of a happenstance mix of people and drunken reggae stepping.

Location: Humberstone Gate