So, the vintage, twee and hipster style coffee house thing is done a lot. And some places have done it really horribly badly, specifically The Parcel Yard next to the train station; the insides of which look as though the contents of a Shoreditch trunk, furniture and hip warehouse has been haphazardly vomited out by a bourgeoisie PR person dining out on the fashion for nostalgia. Eugh.

St. Martin’s is no such place. It’s quickly becoming one of my stop offs of choice around Leicester City Centre due to pretty much everything they’re doing. Regular acoustic nights, cabaret once a month, life drawing classes (though I don’t think I personally like the idea of taking on the view of old tits whilst supping on my flat white – I suppose that’s not the idea), good music and a whole load of other events and happenings.

The staff assure me that the speed dating and meat club aren’t related (insert innuendo based pun here). The next time I can, I am soooo going to meat club. Mainly because it sounds ridiculous. And because I love chorizo.

One last bit of blurb, the best thing about the place overall is that they’re offering an alternative type of night out. And in Leicester that’s a good thing. Folks who have been reading our tweets for a while will know that it’s something we feel has lacked a little in Leicester. St. Martin’s are definitely doing something about that.

Location: St. Martin’s Square