This place describes itself on its website as Leicester’s most happening restaurant. I disagree, since as I went it was empty but for my table. HOWEVER, it should definitely be more happening than it currently is. It deserves it.

Admittedly, I went on in the afternoon for a rather late lunch/early dinner before a rugby march. Hardly prime eating time. And we really weren’t sure. But, the service was very good and the food was excellent. Massive helpings – the two people I was with had Cajan Chicken, with myself having a chef’s special pasta dish. It was great. Surprisingly spicey! And creamy! And loads of chicken! And garlic bread on the side. At about £6 I couldn’t complain.

I’d be intrigued to see what kind of custom this place is getting at more usual eating times – everyone should go and let us know! They even turned the music down when we asked. Thinking about it though, that was a possible negative of the place: I’m pretty sure they were playing Ronan Keating. Life really is a roller coaster.

Location: Braunstone Gate