Hello Leicesterians! (Actually, my dad always tells me that Leicester-folk are called Chisits, due to the way they say ‘How much is it?’ So maybe I’ll go with that instead…) …Hello Chisits! It has been a while since I’ve posted as I’ve migrated to a far off land, well, a 1 hour 5 minute train journey, if you get the one that doesn’t stop, plus a tube, but I recently took a trip home and remembered an excellent spot, so I decided to write about it!

When I visited Taps a couple of weeks ago it boasted on a board outside that it is the ONLY establishment in the East Midlands that has beer taps on the table. SO IN YOUR FACE NOTTINGHAM AND DERBY – WE WIN AGAIN!

This taps on tables thing is quite the novelty, although the bar woman did warn us that our tap hadn’t been used that day, so our beers might be a bit top-heavy. Cue pints of Grolsch Blonde that were actual half a pint of Grolsch Blonde and half a pint of foam. But hey, we poured it ourselves and that was fun! Actually, I’m lying, the person I was with poured them all so maybe it was his fault for the foam. He’s from Nottingham so maybe he was just angry about not having his own easily accessibly serve-your-own-beer establishment… Or maybe it really was the taps.

Taps, I noticed, is child friendly, at least in the daytime. So if you are a motherly/fatherly type out on a Saturday afternoon and find you need something stronger than a coffee, Taps could be your answer!

I also enjoy how higgledy-piggledy Taps is. I’m the sort of person who gets lost in my own flat because my sense of direction is so bad, so going downstairs to the toilet was something of an adventure for me!

Anyway, my friend that I frequented Taps with had never been to Leicester before except to do some sporting event as a child at Saffron Lane (we’ve all been there…) and he agreed that Leicester definitely isn’t shit! And we only went to The Orange Tree and here so I guess that means everyone should go to Taps!