One of the most hilarious gigs I ever attended was at The Charlotte, the main act was OK Go and they had just got famous on YouTube because of their video with the amazingly choreographed dancing in the garden. Or whatever it is was. The crowd attending had turned up to see that and most of us stood around awkwardly waiting for them to do the dance. They never did. And the crowd at the time didn’t really know any other songs, or care for them either. It didn’t go ok for OK Go (yes that anecdote was mainly chosen for that pun).

The support that night was a Leicester based band who, I am fairly sure, no longer exist: We Are Zil. They did 80s style synth heavy post-punk songs. One of my favourite live bands ever.

The Charlotte has re-re-opened. It’s appropriately rough as a venue and the opening weekend a Sundays back on the May bank holiday it was rammed. Some people moaned that the sound wasn’t great and it was too packed. We hold the opinion that shoving all the way from the stage to the doors and the sort of sound you expect in an independent venue are spot on. I don’t want the latest perfectly engineered acoustics or arena filling speakers. It was once upon a time good enough for Radiohead, Bloc Party, The Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Muse, Buzzcocks and Kasabian. Beer served in cans, wicked music and a riotous crowd is the crunching mix we want.

Welcome back The Charlotte.

Location: City Centre, Oxford Street.