Chorizo is AMAZING! Chorizo on pizza with some garlic and chilli (The Diablo) at Criterion is the nicest pizza in the frikkin world. The Criterion pub, yes pub, a proper old school brewery pub isn’t the most likely place for gourmet pizzas – but nestled in the kitchen is one of Leicester’s best pizza making teams and thin Italian pizza making ovens. I think other pizzas at Criterion are probably nice too but I just love chorizo. GET ONE!

The selection of beers is and ales is great, prices are reasonable and Criterion host one of the best Leicester pub quizzes on Tuesdays (think Tuesday is the music quiz). It’s cheap to enter and the quiz writers are creative and original with the style of quizzing. Everything at Criterion is bloody brilliant in fact. During the Leicester Comedy Festival it hosts comedy and is one of mid-price venues with some good acts. Just bloody perfect.

Location: Millstone Lane (near the DMU Magazine end), City Centre