It’s a massive curvy cursed stone said to bring bad luck to anyone who touches it. Oddly, not many people know where it is and I came upon completely by accident myself. Up at the top of North Hamilton on the massive roundabout (with the Porsche garage on) there’s an exit which leads to the masses of North Hamilton houses. Park up and wander back towards the roundabout and look for gaps in the fence as you get nearer the traffic. Somewhere in there is a small pit which has The Humber Stone on it.

It’s largely neglected and never really ventured upon. In summers and on clear days, there’s quite a good view of the north side of the city because the area is quite high up in comparison to the rest of Leicester. It’s barely a day out but it’s nice to know its there. Stellar stuff. We’re reviewed a stone.

Location: North Hamilton roundabout