Conversation with man at the print shop the other week…

Me: How’s this work then?

Man with fashionable jumper: Basically, you draw something and then you can get it scanned and printed… on a 3D printer. Then you print it like this [showing me printing] or onto a poster [gesturing toward a poster].

Me: Is it free?

Man with fashionable jumper: Yes, totally free! It’s a research project by Leicester University and someone or other (NB:┬áthis script isn’t entirely verbatim).

Me: Can I do swear words?

Man with fashionable jumper: Yeh, you can do whatever you want.

Me (not out loud, just thoughts in my head): Hot dammmnnn. I’mma do some swear words. A Leicester, it’s not shit print! Where did he get that jumper… I want coffee. This is good. WTF does incunable mean…


This place isn’t open for much longer, so do get along before the end of next week. It’s loads of fun. Put aside a proper chunk of time because it does take a while for the designs to be printed and then you’ll need to sand down and print them. I had a bunch of jobs to do in town when I went last week but ended up staying at the Print Shop for about 2 hours, only ducking out to the LCB cafe for a coffee cup.

The Incunable Print Shop is at LCB Depot until November 29th. It has been put together by Leicester University, Juneau Projects and Affective Digital Histories. Get over and support and add to their numbers to encourage more stuff like this to happen in the city.


Location: City Centre, Cultural Quarter.