Jerk Chicken or Curried Goat should not be a dilemma. Curried goat every time. That’s the argument had with a random fella at The Music Cafe last Friday on account of their food options served alongside their massive amounts of dub, reggae and bass punches.

Reasons for preferring Curried Goat:
1. I can probably make jerk chicken at home reasonably well, it wouldn’t be amazing but it would be decent.
2. Goat, how often do you get to eat goat?
3. Tackling chicken on the bone – messy.

Umm, so that’s settled… Onto the venue and night out itself, they put on Dub and Reggae nights which are fucking awesome. There’s nothing scheduled for 2015 on their website just yet, but the events will hopefully start to pop up. They tend to have something on most months.

Jerk Chicken or Curried Goat? First world / The Music Cafe night out problems…

Location: Braunstone Gate

Ps. Apologies for the awful photo… Embarrassing.