So a few weeks back I stumbled in drunk to an establishment in the rough Braunstone Gate area and tried to chat up a bar lady who I really fancied. Completely ballsed it up with all manner of drunken stupidness. That was not a successful night for my mojo. On the flip side, I was supremely drunk because I had just come from The O Bar and had a load of craft ales, which were superb.

A few places are serving craft ales now with mixed results, some have just thrown a few token ales in being provided by their regular brewery suppliers and not a lot of curation. The O Bar selection is definitely well researched, sourced and placed with a menu of 8 to choose from. Or you can choose all 8. The O Bar will plonk them on a platter and they will get you drunk with a mix of high percentages of alcohol levels and a myriad of lovely bloody flavours. It’s a pricier drink than your average, but think of ale tasting there as a night out activity and it’s more than reasonable.

Just don’t stumble into anywhere where you have a keen romantic interest nearby which you can royally fuck up after drinking lots. Lesson learned. Possibly.

Location: Braunstone Gate