I risk the wrath of readers by claiming that I don’t at all understand the deal with Doctor Who. This is in spite of the fact that I thoroughly enjoy a bit of British humour and kitschy television – Bullseye re-runs on Challenge are amazing; I don’t have a TV but I know if I’m forced into a TV situation, a bit of bully will adequately distract from the horrible crap on every other channel. What I was getting at anyway was, that despite a personal feeling of indifference toward Doctor Who, if you like it, The Old Horse have a Tardis and that’s a feature. Fuck me, what a load of waffle. If you’re still reading, then you need to get out and go somewhere. If it’s a pub you’re after, I suggest The Old Horse.

Other Old Horse wonders include a coffin, lots of mexican hats on the ceiling, lots of everything else tacked to the ceiling, a landlady’s own porter (tremendously treacly dark ale), about a million other treasure cove type finds and pub fittings. There’s a bowls pitch outside too for summer, a top ¬†beer garden (especially when considering the relative lack of beer gardens in the City Centre area) and they do Karaoke on a Friday night. Karaoke can be fun after a few drinks, they never have my song, but oh well.

Location: London Rd (opposite Vicky Park), City Centre/Clarendon Park/Evington – sort of in the middle of all 3