This is by far one of the best nights out in Leicester. And it’s a ceilidh, a traditional dance where a band plays folk music and they guide you through various organised traditional folksy dance routines. For some reason this is fucking wicked fun. A bit of drink can be involved, but it’s a family event too so it’s not jäger bombs chased with pints of Tiger.

The people attending were almost all bloody lovely. One older gent let his white bearded caricature of an appearance get the better of him and sent some pedantic and annoyed looks towards our crowd of younger people who perhaps laughed a bit too much when we got a routine wrong. But confusion and cocked up routine parts are definitely part of the fun. And like I said, everyone was actually bloody lovely: the people organising and the folks attending. An adult ticket at £8 is a snip and the rooms around the guildhall were left open so you could wander a bit and really feel a bit 17th century. All that was missing from your my dream Tudor throwback night out was some wild boar, the power to reinvent the Christian religion on a whim and a haphazard burial of a famous man underneath some (horse and) carriage parking spaces. Otherwise all there.

Also, I saw two people with ‘Party like it’s 1651 t-shirts’ – this tickled me. Extra points.

Location: The Guildhall, once a season
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