These folks are probably going to have two reviews soon by virtue of the Upstairs at the Western pub theatre. But to begin with, let’s give a shout to The Western with the same level of decibels as a caravan sized town crier with a megaphone. A massive shout.

It’s one of the best geographically places pubs in Leicester because it bridges the Narborough Rd area to town as a warm stopover with wicked ales. By wicked I mean nice, so I’m using it in the way it was used in about 1998. Apparently the modern day replacement is piff. That sounds like some sort of herbal drug to me, so I need to be ten years younger and confirm with some cooler friends that I’m using that right.

Sunday night at the Western is often the pub quiz. Buy in is a £1 each and this includes dinner. Yes, you read correctly. Dinner! This is probably to aid the poverty stricken students in the area but is a well resourced bonus considering the prizes are a cooked meal, 5 pints or something and something else. My vagueness on prizes reveals a little about my quizzing success. Limited. But if I’m there I’ll be happy and taking part and mostly revelling in my choice of quiz team name borrowed from a parody porn film. See below for a list of some of my favourites porn film names.

Location: near Bede Park, Narborough Road end of town.

List of my favourite porn film names:
Shaving Ryan’s Privates
Grinding Nemo
Barack’s Big Stimulus Package
Breakfast in Tiffany
Shindler’s Fist
Gangbangs of New York