I used to really like playing pinball on my old windows 98 PC as a younger person. It had wicked graphics and you could make all the lights go cool colours if you aimed the ball right. As an old PC fave, I was excited to find out about the pinballing opportunities arising at Tilt Coffee House to see I could resurrect my pin balling career highs on the Leicester cafe scene.

Turns out I’m crap at pinball in the real world. I tried wiring up on coffee so’s I could have another go, but the generously portioned large coffee gave me the jitters on an empty stomach and now I’m aware I’ll need to settle for pinballing mediocrity. Bugger. Pinball career launching opportunities aside, Tilt Coffee House is a lovely friendly place which needs a bit more footfall than it’s getting currently. The coffees are nice and they freshly bake some of the cakes on offer. I really like the look and feel of the place, some of the professional design touches are warmly added to the by the non-corporate running style one normally finds in a local cafe.

Get over to Tilt one lunchtime for a coffee and sandwich. They seem like really nice people. And people who seem that way normally are.

Location: Market Place, City Centre