Troodos Taverna doesn’t look like much from the outside. But inside it’s like being on holiday! There’s even a naked mermaid painted on the wall, for those of you who like to see breasts. The chap who owns it is really super friendly, and when it’s pretty quiet (in the week – it gets busier at weekends) he comes over and has a chat in a Greek accent. Or maybe it’s Cyprus. He probably wouldn’t be impressed if I get that bit wrong. So, in an either Greek or Cypriot accent.

The meals are extremely tasty, I’m a massive fan of Moussaka so that’s what I’m going to recommend. You can get those meze thingymajiggys where everyone can share – pitta bread and dips and FETA and HALLOUMI and MASSIVE OLIVES. I bloody love cheese. And olives.┬áIt’s not particularly cheap but you get absolutely stacks for what you pay, and you’re offered a doggybag at the end to take any home if you want…which is really good the following day when you realise the only other things you have in your fridge is some mouldy cucumber and something wrapped in foil that you are too afraid to open.

Every time I’ve been we’ve been given free shots after the meal (Don’t ask me what of. Alcohol. That’s all you need to know) so you feel even more like you’re on holiday…until you walk outside and you’re in Glenfield. That moment of realisation isn’t a happy one. But at least you’re well fed.

Location: Dominion Rd, Glenfield

Tel: 0116 2873732