Going to places so it feels like you’re on holiday is a bit of a theme here at Leicesteritsnotshit ‘towers’ (not that we have an actual physical office, we’re too street and down to earth for that). Yesim patisserie feels like you’re on holiday. At first it’s sort of like the Disney’s Epcot version of a Turkish cafe. All the right elements with a slightly synthetically engineered feel to it. However, it’s on bloody Narborough Road in an everyday retail unit, so it’s no surprise the wooden beams and purposely weathered walls have quite purposely been put together for the atmosphere.

It is run by genuine Turkish people. And I mean that in the English sense, not the Turkish market sense of word, where genuine actually means the 75p Calvin Klein boxers actually haven’t been licensed by the international fashion magnate to be produced in the outer lying factories of Istanbul. Still, sitting comfortably in my genuine CK boxers (no, not just my boxers), I have enjoyed the music, food and coffee here many a time. Coffee is top notch. Food is good quality and fresh tasting.

I recommend the spinach Gozleme. That’s about 300 pence. It’s served with salad and is a good portion for a brunch, light lunch or lunch embellished with a grandiose cake from the Yesim patisserie selection. Also, it feels a bit like you’re on holiday when actually it’s half three, pissing it down outside and you’re about as far from the sea as you can get in En-ger-land.

Location: Narborough Road