So, we were thinking last night, where would famous footballers hang out in Leicester? This somehow led to the idea that Richie De Laet would go to 96 degrees. Not on account of their excellent cakes (peanut butter and chocolate brownies are better than sex) and their dangerously good coffee making powers (flat whites from heaven, all others also divine); but, on account of Richie De Laet having the pun coffee name: Richie De Latte.

So, now we’ve thrown that footballer/drinks pun out there, without further ado, here is a world footballing team and other associated peoples as a combo of names and drinks puns. As per our usual inconsistency with content type, style or quality – some are better than others.

Goalkeeper: Ben Fosters

Defence: Richie de Latte / Bacardi Sagna / Coca-Kolarov / Captain Morgan / Jeffrey 7-Shlupp

Midfield: Danny Drink-stella / Emanuelle Daiquirini / Semi-skimmed Milkner / Gareth Ale / Tia Dia Maria / Cristiano Rum-aldo

Forwards: Fabio Lambrini / Tea-ary Henry / Shandy Carroll

Subs: Heine-kun Aguero / Per-oni Mertesacker / Paul Robinson(s) / Mario Balo-tetley / Steven Pienaar-Colada / Shane Long Island Iced Tea / Kahlua Toure / Danny Rosé

Stadium: Beernabeu  / Owner: Milksheik Mansour / Managers: Clarence Cideroof, Roberto Martini

Umm, there you go. Probably only accessible to football fans. And we know Semi-Skimmed Milkner is really scraping the barrel, but we’re proud of Shandy Carroll. So there. Go to 96 degrees, have a coffee, come up with some names of your own whilst we push across post content and tenuous links like never before.

Next time on LINS, we talk about a great restaurant whilst somehow cataloguing the best tasting medicines.

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