It’s a new year, so we thought it would be good to update the list of actually shit places on the website. There are new places we think are shit and to have a massive long list on the site would detract from the websites’s overall effervescent excitement for Leicester. So we have seven┬áplaces, each with a six word review .

The old list is at the bottom of this post, because we’re too childish to get rid of it entirely.

Unfortunately, actually shit things 2015 list:

Premium grade absolute fucking cock wash.

Jubilee Square
Uninspiring, uninteresting. Soulsby should’ve spent better.

More Restaurant

Tesco Express
Parasitically/strategically killing local businesses.

Leicester Music Festival
Jumbled iTunes party shuffle selected lineup.

Urban Outfitters
Liars. Fraudsters. For personal vendetta reasons.

St George’s Tower
Literally painted over cracks dark blue.
(Suggested by @IainKirtley)

Ye Olde List of places what are shit:

National Space Centre
Only 2 decent things there. Overpriced.

Highcross Shopping Centre
Repeated slightly reconfigured High St shops*

Club Republic
Meh. Only preferable to an enema.

Club Sosho
Claims to be deluxe. Translation = shit

Booze Britain Newcastle: Leicester accent version.

Fantastic circa 2004-06. Currently creepy/disgusting.

Leicester Print Workshop
Deprived area – courses priced for millionaires.

Supermarkets in various locations (esp. Narborough Rd Tesco)
Slaughtering local business. Absolute bastards. Avoid.

Pizza Express
Much better pizza available locally/independently.

*except Set. We like Set, we reviewed them.