Vintage shopping in Leicester is great, if you can find all the different locations.

Due to Leicester’s diversity, they can vary from the city centre and Narborough Road to Clarendon Park and Hinckley Road. The trick is to just take note of your surroundings when you’re ambling around, and head to back streets rather than the main high streets.

Bazaar Mart is a classic junk style vintage shop, and contains everything, including beautiful furniture, mirrors, tea sets and grandfather clocks. It’s located on King Richard’s Road in a set of shops including a breakfast cafe, bits and bobs shop and an off licence. Not exactly where you would head over to when looking for vintage furniture, but that doesn’t stop it from being excellent.

The family business is owned by Jim Thornley, whose children and grandchildren work in the shop. Its stock is gathered from auctions, dealers and people offering to sell bits and bobs from their homes, which gives the explanation of the variety of things.

If you don’t want anything in particular, it’s worth popping in for a browse anyway.

It’s open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, and they change their stock fairly regularly, so beware. I saw an amazing glass coffee table last week, and it was snapped up almost instantly. Learn from my mistakes, kids.

Location: King Richards Road, near Marks Electrical