“Want to go Crafty on Thursday?”

LINS (with a look of Lord/Lady Muck all over the face):
“Uh, no thanks. Going to see Lambert. You know, the masked German neo-classical pianist? He’s playing in like a church or something. Eugh, move away from me with your lack of culture, horn rimmed spectacles and black clothing.”

SSLAAAM! Way to look down on the meer mortals around you with probably the most hipster line laid down in Leicester ever.

Bishop St. church have had a couple of these gigs pop up now. One’s where you can you gain great delectation from the sheer pretentiousness of the descriptions during the workplace lunchtime patter and pleasantries the day after. The gigs are mighty fine bookings too. A Winged Victory for the Sullen played there in December, it was a bloody delight. As a testament to their quality, the tour list went something like: Madrid, Barcelona, something, Lisbon, something, London Barbican, Manchester, Leicester. Final stop on the EU tour. What a booking for a Leicester Methodist Church.

Gig listings are tricky to find, but we’ll keep throwing them up on the diary as we sniff them out. It’s a beautiful venue for some excellent music. Unexpected entirely and utterly fucking fantastic. Keep an eye out, we’ll tweet and post up the next good booking they get. We jest about being hispters for liking this stuff, it’s amazing, it needs to be enjoyed. Sorry.

Location: Bishop Street, Leicester

Here’s some Lambert and AWVFTS links for a check on the stylings of the last two gigs we saw there.