Assonance. Def. The repetition of similar or identical vowel sounds. Internal rhyming.

Bombay Bites is the bomb yo! Don’t let no bomb-paclaat tell you anything otherwise. They are most well known for their small, medium and large size meal boxes which are bomper packed with the best Indian food out there. My particular favourite is the bom-ting-a-ling meal box number 8 which is a bombastic blend of naan, lamb tikka, rice and bloody beautiful lamb curry.

To not go would be abombinable… Umm, I’ve exhausted all words containing the bomb sound that I know off except using the c-bomb. We’ve covered everything we need to though. So here goes:

Bombay Bites. Be there, or be a c-bomb.

Location: Braunstone Gate, Belvoir Street, Evington Road