SWEETS! Old people sometimes have whole bags of just the strawberry creams from Quality Street and I always used to wonder how they managed to sift through the Woolworths Pick n Mix efficiently. In fact, no, I didn’t wonder, I just got hyper and didn’t care how they got so many strawberry creams. Still, it’s something which could easily lead one to wonder. The secret of such a specifically curated sweety stash is to visit Brennan’s Candy Cabin at the Leicester Indoor Market.

My favourites are the strawberry creams. In case that wasn’t clear already. I also like the soft banana ones which squeak against your teeth occasionally, all blacks and the weird menthol cough sweets, again popular amidst sextegenarians. This Brennan fella is practically giving these sweets away with the asking prices. So load up and put your dentist on speed dial.

I probably have a few other favourites too that I’m going to embellish this post with. Popping candy is good and actually goes really well with Rice Krispies to make a proper banging bowl of cereal. Seriously, I’m not mental. Try out some popping candy and banana flavour milk if you like that with your Rice Krispies, it’s not an everyday thing but is definitely worth trying as an odd but amazing food combination. Whilst on that topic, peanut butter on rich tea biscuits is fucking lovely. Heston ain’t got shit on me and my mental combinations.

Location: Indoor Market ground floor, City Centre