Maybe this is a sign that my youth is definitely over. This is a blog entry about Brik a Brak framing shop, I found myself talking about them the other day. I mentioned to a friend who is now similarly concerned with furnishing their home nicely, that they could get some really good quality picture frames cheaply here: they recycle old frame pieces and make up loads of standard size new ones with cut-offs.

Fuck. So this is it, this is what it is to be old. I’ve found myself in conversation about matching the tones and textures of my curtains to the fucking sofa and picture frames (slightly embellished this one, but it could happen).

Tomorrow I’ll sob into my muesli and wonder where it’s all gone. Sad times. Except if you want some good quality, well priced picture frames, in which case these are marvellous times.

Location: 471 Aylestone Road