This ain’t no place for slimming conscious yuppies who want a skinny, sugar free, specially decaffeinated, latte, mocha something whatevs. Chaiiwala sell Indian tea – full of full fat milk and sugar! And it’s bloody gorgeous. No worries, hold onto your Guardian papers, they do mint, cinnamon and less sugary/milky chais too. Also, for the coffee crowd, a Karak coffee, which is the masala tea equivalent with coffee instead.

Chaiiwala opened a couple weeks back without a glitzy social media photo spattering of people chomping on their Masala Chips, well flavoured potato coriander rotis and carefully made (check out their The Chaiiwallah Times newspaper food wrap) butter chicken roti. It’s all the better for it because they’re already busy and that’s purely through having a delicious product and being a really well styled outfit.

They catapult into the top 5 cafes in Leicester, without a doubt. If you haven’t got yourself a chai, a proper chai, then you’re missing out.

Location: Evington Road, Highfields