The character of the Cherry Tree pub is best personified by its selection of draught.

  • Worthingtons Creamflow: for men with rugged throats
  • Stella: vests accepted
  • M&B Mild: you can be eclectic, but not don’t push it
  • John Smiths: let’s moan about the weather
  • Carling: austerity friendly
  • Guinness: we get pissed on 17th March
  • Strongbow: get your 5 a day here
  • Strongbow Dark Fruit: “for the lady” – actual quote, and that’s what the lady had so it was a fair recommendation
  • Fosters: fuck off with your craft £4/not even a pint fucking bollocks
  • Draught Bass: tasting notes include something about chicken and chips

Ideal night out including a trip to the Cherry Tree goes something like: Watch Bully. Emulate contestants clothing choices but not in a hipster way. Go to the Cherry Tree. Drink well priced beer in a surrounding which could easily be 1983. Get trollied. Play darts, pool and sing along to your dads classic jukebox choices. Laugh at local punters’ inappropriate jokes. Have one for the road. Go home via Maryland so you remember you’re not in the 80s. Reminisce. You’re welcome.

Location: East Bond Street, City Centre