We all love art darlings, don’t we. Better than liking art is to make your own art. Maybe by making some letterpress prints by attending a workshop? And then you can live like a modern day conceptual artist:

Top advice on how to be a modern day conceptual artist:

  • Talk about yourself in the third person. Or to really shit all over other artists third person speak, use third person collective. At all times.
    “The artists group have really captured the essence of tea in this cup – juxtaposing the cold hard nature of the organic ceramic mug with the hot tempered malleable nature of the liquid tea”.
    “The TW@t Collective’s latest work is about finding emptiness is everyday found vessels which have been filled with PVA glue and guts”.
  • Name all your art work using an irregular pattern of punctuation marks. Employ artistic licence when observing the rules of capital letters.
    {  reminisce – ! T I M E C L o C K  ]
  • Change all your clothes to ones made from highly textural organic fibres. In black, obviously.
  • Challenge conventions to the extreme. Even conventions of everyday physics.
    “The TEA ArtHaus are currently working on a performance piece which asks questions about whether or not heat really rises if a hairdryer is pointed downwards. It’s a fascinating and jarring piece”.
  • Talk ill of the Arts Council. Unless they fund you, in which case, you must talk about being ACE funded in every conversation possible. Even when your funding ceases, you must refer back to when you had Arts Council funding for something you did. But now you’ve moved on because your work is a different entity now.
  • Swear for apparently no reason whatsoever in all your work.

There you have it. Be an artist. Sign up to the the brilliant brilliant letterpress workshops ran by Cleeve Press. They’re run by a lovely guy called Nick, who is infectiously enthusiastic about the craft, will help you with any project you have and has a huge wealth of type faces and printing blocks to play with at the workshop. Workshops take place at the very lovely Leicester Botanic Gardens for a bargainous £35. An absolute steal for a great day. Just maybe don’t print the c-bomb over loads of stuff like a true conceptual artist because that would be awks.

Location: Leicester Botanic Garden. Sign up by visiting https://nickgraphic.wordpress.com/ and emailing Cleeve Press.

(If there are none advertised, then please get in touch with Nick and he will arrange more dates with an increase in demand.)